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If you want to get the most enjoyment as possible from your Berry & Beau jewellery it is important you look after it with the appropriate care.


Plated metal and alloy costume jewellery can easily tarnish and will naturally fade in time. These occurrences are not covered by our warranty but you can help in possibly slowing these processes down by following the tips below. Also, remember that plated and alloy jewellery react with chemicals and can cause it to tarnish or fade much quicker.


  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when undertaking activities such as exercising, cleaning, gardening, swimming (chlorine is especially damaging) and showering.


  • Apply your cosmetics, moisturisers and hair products before wearing your jewellery. Ensure your hands are clean when doing so.


  • Do not spray perfume directly onto - or around - your jewellery. You should wear your jewellery after applying perfume, creams etc.


  • To protect jewellery against scratching and chipping avoid impact with hard surfaces, including other items of jewellery.


  • Please note that all metals oxidise naturally with time and will require maintenance.


  • Wipe clean after each wear with a jewellery cloth. To avoid scratches do not use a substitute for a jewellery cloth.


  • Store in the box or pouch provided with the item. Store jewellery separately so that pieces do not tangle, rub or scratch against each other. If you wish to take an extra step in storing your Berry & Beau pieces you can keep items in individual plastic ziplock bags, pressing as much air as possible out of the bag before sealing.


  • Store jewellery in a dry place, away from moisture and excessive humidity. The bathroom would definitely not be a suitable place.

There are various suggestions on the internet for polishing / restoring tarnished or faded plated and alloy jewellery involving the likes of soap and water, toothpaste and a very soft toothbrush, water and lemon juice etc. We cannot vouch for any of these methods, but if you wish to try any, please do so at your discretion while assuming full responsibility for the results.

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